Water Stop!

Flood protection!

For sealing off buildings threatened by large amounts of water (e.g. cellars, underground garages, company buildings) due to flooding, thaw or rainfall use the patented anhamm spillbarrier as a flood barrier.

Secure your production facilities, storage rooms and
entrances with the Anhamm spill barrier as a Flood protection.

The Anhamm spill barrier works fully automatically, without external energy and without sensors. In addition to extinguishing water retention, leaks and escaping liquids are collected and effectively limited.

That draws us.

TÜV approved

FM 2510 approved

Without electrical components

Simple Self-installation

Delivering in one preset unit
complete functional construction component

After installation promptly operational availability

Activation of the spill barrier without external energy

Manually operation possible

Custom size

More than thousand installations

simple maintenance by your own

Only high quality material

Patented Functioning


Escaping liquid is captured across the entire opening by the barrier gates basin …


The barrier gate is automatically raised by the escaping liquid …


Specially-designed springs lift the barrier gate into its tightly sealed position.

Installation and Service


The Anhamm barrier is delivered in one single unit and is positioned in the ground pit. After the barrier is adjusted to the correct position, the piers of the unit are bolted to the wall on either side. Next, mortar is poured into the recess beneath and surround the unit. The Anhamm design does not not need any external power supply or any other external connection. No switchgear cabinets or similar installations are needed.

Maintenance-Free Simplicity

The key to Anhamm Spillbarriers are their simplicity! Customers world-wide love the easy-to-use, easy-to-test reliability. All mechanical parts are maintenance-free and only require simple cleaning around the barrier gate. And the barrier, regardless of size, can easily be tested manually.


We do all the service that is needed to make the anhamm spillbarrier.


Low Costs

Low maintenance costs due to mechanical system. Maintenance is easy and quick.No operating costs. The barrier is always ready-to-use and can be re-activated by simply closing it again.


Only high quality material is used. Stainless steel and PTFE gaskets ensure the highest possible durability.

TÜV Certified

Tested and certified by TÜV Nord

No external energy

The barrier works completely independent.

Always Ready

The barrier is always ready to use. It does not need to be activated or needs manual attention.

FM certified

FM Approval according to Standard 2510


"The spill barrier can be driven over and allows unobstructed factory traffic."

We offer the following dimensions

Sealing height
0.30 m (12″) to 2.00 m (80″)

Sealing width
0.80 m (32″)  to 50.00 m (2000")






Technical information

Two-page information sheet with technical details on function, installation and delivery.


Tendering texts

Tendering texts for the spill barrierand the floor recess.



Instructions to the installation, functiuon and maintenance of the spill barrier.


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